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Flamekissed - 16% Roasted Soybeans & Corn

Flamekissed - 16% Roasted Soybeans & Corn

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FLAMEKISSED roasted grains not only have a lot to offer as an attractant, but the nutritional value is outstanding. Grain roasting was first introduced as a method of improving the nutritional availability and palatability of grain to be fed to dairy cattle. In the dairy business, farmers see an increase in milk production, milk quality and protein absorption. The same results are seen in our deer herd. Our signature FLAMEKISSED roasting process assures that the aroma and nutritional availability of our FLAMEKISSED products are second to none.


CRUDE PROTEIN . . . Min 16%
CRUDE FAT . . .  Min 6.5%
CRUDE FIBER . . . Max 10%